Alfred Nzo District Municipality has leant that after the heavy rains and storm that occurred on the 12 November 2019, a number of households were either partially or severely damaged by hailstorm.


Executive Mayor of Alfred Nzo District Municipality, Cllr Sixolilie Mehlomakhulu today visited affected families in Umzimvubu Local Municipality areas, (Cabazana & Phuka villages) where 15 households were affected and he handed of social relief materials including blankets and mattresses.


To this point the preliminary report indicates that there were no fatalities and no severe injuries except for one elderly Ms. Nombuyiselo Maphasa a 62 year old pensioner, who was admitted in hospitalised after sustaining a  leg injury.


The Alfred Nzo District Municipality Disaster Management Team is still continuing assessment across the district with the officials of the local municipalities and the Department of Human Settlement to consolidate the assessment report for the affected families.


The District municipality is urging everyone who is affected by this disastrous whether to report any incidents directly to us or to their Local Ward Councillors, who must immediately inform our Disaster Management Centre.


The unfavourable weather is said to continue across the District fro the coming few weeks


Residents across the district are urged to observe safety precautions during this time. All affected individuals can contact Disaster and Emergency Services for immediate assistance on (039) 254 0748,